Limpsfield Combustion Engineering Limited was registered in February 1995. The company was established in Bromley, South London, in order to produce burners designed for particular applications to customers’ specific requirements.

The burners were designed by South London businessman and more importantly an experienced combustion engineer Brendan Kemp. Brendan then sold the burner design on to the owners of Limpsfield once the burner range had been designed and proven.

Limpsfield moved to its present factory and offices in Biggin Hill, Kent in 2001. At this time, fabrication and precision engineering were added to the company portfolio, this allowed Limpsfield to manufacture their complete burner range without having to outsource, whilst keeping close control of costs and quality.

Limpsfield has increased their burner range and designed burners capable of firing many different fuels, such as natural gas, heavy fuel oil, diesel and light distillate oils as well as many more unusual fuels such as animal fats, fish oils, solvents etc. More recently Limpsfield have produced burners to fire bio gas and landfill gases.

Limpsfield has three departments: fabrication engineering, precision engineering and the burner combustion engineering department. Each department has its own customers from various outside industries as well as producing the various parts and components to make the complete Limpsfield burner range.

Key Dates

In 2005,  Keith Knowles joined Limpsfield to promote burner sales and provide technical assistance to its customers. Keith had worked for Brendan Kemp at Autoflame Engineering (a world leading combustion controls manufacturer based in South London) for 17 years previously and had learnt most of his combustion knowledge whilst at Autoflame working alongside Brendan, his wife Sheila and many other employees who are still at Autoflame. This professional and friendly relationship still exists and both Brendan and Sheila have been instrumental in assisting the staff at Limpsfield in improving the business strategies of the present company. Brendan Kemp continues to offer design and production input into the Limpsfield products.

In 2006,  Limpsfield opened up an office in the USA managed by Keith Fortner. Keith is a time served combustion engineer and had previous experience working on various burners and boilers in the USA.

In 2007,  Limpsfield gained their ISO9001:2001 International Quality Management Certificate.

In 2007,  Limpsfield also gained their UL Certificate for the design, build and testing of the complete burner range.

In December 2007,  Limpsfield purchased its first Mazak 5 axis machining centre followed by a further identical machine in February 2009, bringing state of the art precision engineering to the combustion world, rivalling standards usually only found in the F1 motor racing and in the aerospace industries.

In 2008,  Limpsfield acquired the adjacent premises and moved the fabrication department into these new premises, once they had been prepared to allow for a more streamline flow of work methods. This allowed the precision and fabrication departments to expand.

In 2008, Limpsfield gained their CE BS EN 676 Certificate for the design, build and testing of the burner range.

In 2010, Nick Guy was appointed as the Technical Director.

In 2012, Design and approval of the LP Burner range was completed

In 2012, New premises were secured offering over double the amount of floor space as our current offices. We are scheduled to move into our new offices in the 1st quarter of 2013

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