Product Specification

The LP3 Burner series covers a Firing range from 2051 kW/hr (7.0 MBtu/hr) through to 2930 kW/hr (10.0 MBtu/hr)


  • Firing Rate – 2930 kW/hr (10.0 MBtu/hr)
  • Turndown – Gas firing 4:1 – Oil Firing 3:1
  • Fuels – Natural Gas/No.2 Oil   

The Limpsfield LP Burner series is supplied with a complete Gas train and/or Oil train designed and tested to CE and UL approvals.

Built with end users in mind, Autoflame controls are simple and straightforward to use. All MM controls employ a simple intuitive user interface with clear backlit touch screen LCD displays. An option for either the Mini Mk8 or the Mk8 Micro Modulation unit is available.

Scope of Supply

  • Stainless steel diffuser and blast tube
  • Autoflame UV sensor – Standard side view
  • Air damper assembly and servo motor
  • Autoflame gas valve and servo motors
  • Burner mounted control pod- Equipped with Autoflame Mini Mk 8 MM evolution module
  • Combustion Air fan – built into burner casing
  • Remote DOL for fan motor and oil pump (starter supplied as loose item)
  • CE approved motor
  • Temperature / Pressure detector (please specify preference)

Oil Only / Dual Fuel

  • Autoflame stainless steel oil spillback valve and servo motor
  • Pressure atomised oil lance and nozzle assembly (consisting of 1 x Fluidic oil nozzle)
  • Fuel oil solenoid valve train (comprising of 2 x Parker Hannifin oil solenoid valves)
  • Non return valve
  • HP Technik oil pump with motor and internal relief valve (LP1 burner mounted, and LP2/LP3 loose item)
  • Direct Spark for Ignition – Oil Only / Pilot Gas for Ignition – Dual Fuel
  • * Filtration and oil low pressure switch supplied by others

Gas Train

  • 1 x Dungs double block main gas valve
  • 1 x Dungs main gas regulator Maximum Supply Pressure 500mbar/7 PSI
  • 1x Autoflame Gas pressure sensor
  • 1 x Low and 1 x High gas Pressure Switch
  • (Other upon request)

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“We confirm that since the system was put into production, the combustion system, installed by PASCO, has been operating stably and reducing fuel consumption from 15 to 20% and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 718 to 955 tons.”


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