Oil Control Systems

Oil information

Limpsfield burners have the capability of firing a range of different fuel oils. Whilst still maintaining efficient combustion throughout the firing range. We do this by using pressure atomization, or alternately using steam/ air atomization.

There are advantages of using either technique including cost and performance. The choice of which technique is best to use for a particular project is made between the Limpsfield engineers and the customer.

For pressure atomization we use a high quality Fluidics spillback nozzle combined with the specifically designed Limpsfield oil nozzle carrier and oil lance. When supplying an air/steam atomizing burner, we use the Fluidics lance and nozzle assembly designed to the specific length of the Limpsfield burner.

All oil burners will come supplied with a burner mounted oil train along with a high pressure oil pump assembly.

To control the oil flow rate we use the Autoflame spillback or metering control valve. This valve coupled with the Autoflame high precision servo motor gives us incredibly accurate control to 0.1 angular degrees. This combination allows us to alter the combustion process in very small increments to achieve optimum results.

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