b'Limpseld Burners are 100% Hydrogen ready Limpseld Combuson have been ring Hydrogen successfully for over 20 years.AspartofthecurrentmovetoNetZeroanddecarbonizaon, Limpseld is currently in discussions with the BEIS, H21, Edinburgh University on behalf of many Scosh Dislleries, the CEA, amongst otherswithinourindustryinproducingHydrogenredand hydrogenreadyburners.Limpseldburnersarecurrentlyring 100% Hydrogen and are capable of ring any known mix of Hydrogen as long as the heat value of the fuel (CV) is known.What is Net Zero CarbonIn simple terms Net Zero Carbon means slowing the speed of global warming!Why Net Zero Carbon maers?Generally speaking, Net Zero Carbon maers because our clients and people around the world are asking for it. You do not have to believe in global warming, or that it is important, but it is important to respond to market demands.Responsible organisaons, corporaons, process plants, hospitals, airports, large buildings, Planned Maintenance companies etc. have to take to decarbonizaon seriously in order that the public will in turn take them seriously.Whilst it is unlikely that Hydrogen is the complete answer to our future fuel issues, recent discussions indicate that 100% Hydrogen is unlikely to be available in built up cies as huge improvements in infrastructure would be needed, such as laying new pipework underneath already overcrowded roads etc. that would be extremely costly and not praccal.Howeverdecarbonizaon will most likely be achieved with a mixture of burning Hydrogen in areas where Hydrogen is produced locally, renewables, wind farms, burning fossil fuels ecently such as Natural Gas or various Natural Gas / Hydrogen blends.Therefore it is important that the burners we supply now, to re Natural Gas eciently can also burn Hydrogen in the future with very minimal changes to burner sengs.Please contact Limpseld directly at sales@limpseld.com or via our website www.limpseld.com or contact one of our Representaves all over the world as detailed on our Representaon page on our website.www.limpseld.com'