b'Limpseld Burners are 100% Hydrogen readyCase Report 1A German company has developed a system where thermal oil is hydrogenated for safe storage and transportaon.For this project, the hydrogenated thermal oil (LOHC) was generated in Erlangen and transported by truck to the Fraunhofer instute in Stugart. There the hydrogen was recovered by using a catalyst reactor technology.The hydrogen is used in a fuel cell to generate electric energy and in an Ascentec thermal oil system to heat up the catalyst reactor. The main challenge for Ascentec was to nd a small hydrogen burner (50kW)capableofsafelyringHydrogen.Theycontactedusat Limpseld because of our previous Hydrogen ring experience and duetoourexibleapproachtodesign.Limpseldsuccessfully manufactured a burner to meet this task.Case Report 2One of our USA based customers, PVR Technical Services and a well known Chemical company asked Limpseld to design a burner that could operate eciently on Natural Gas and burn their Hydrogen as a free fuel when their process made this gas available.Limpseld took on this task and designed a twin gas combuson head to accommodate the dierent ame paerns and ame speeds via a simple change over switch without hardware changes.Please contact Limpseld at sales@limpseld.com or via our website www.limpseld.com or contact one of our many Representaves all over the world as detailed on our Representaon page on our website.www.limpseld.com'