Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our burner range is UL and CE approved. As a company we are also ISO9001:2008 approved. This means that our Quality management system is audited internally and externally at regular intervals to ensure Limpsfield continue to produce products of the highest quality.

In 2008 Limpsfield gained their CE BS EN 676 Certificate for the design, build and testing of the burner range. Limpsfield Combustion Engineering Limited is continuing to design and test new products, offering the combustion industry world-beating products.  This is achieved by enthusiastic and talented individuals working collectively as a team, this along with good sound investment by the owners of Limps!eld allow us to progress our products and people with confidence into the future.

In 2007 Limpsfield received UL approval for the LC burner range and also gained certification for our ISO9001:2001 international quality management system.

This has now been superceded as ISO9001:2008

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