Gas Control Systems

Gas Control Information

Limpsfield will supply gas trains to suit our customers’ requirements, whether the application requires natural gas, propane or biogas. 

We offer a range of gas trains, from our standard CE or UL approved version to CSD1 and NFPA 85 approved gas trains, to ensure local codes are met wherever the installation. All of our gas trains are specifically engineered to suit the combustion requirements on-site. For gas control on the burner we utilize the Autoflame Gas butterfly control valve.

These valves are manufactured to the highest tolerances using the latest CNC machining technology. The valves are tested and approved to CE and UL requirements. The gas valves are driven by the highly precise Autoflame servo motor which has an accuracy of 0.1 angular degrees. This ensures that the combustion process can be properly control to achieve optimum efficiency.

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