High Turndown

High Turndown


Limpsfield burners provide high turndowns typically between 4:1 and 10:1. This turn down is established by using a split gas head or a spider head. The split gas head can be used on most applications and provides excellent mixing to maintain good combustion throughout the firing range.

The unique spider head assembly offers the user high turn down ratios. It was initially designed to be fired when using fuels with high burning velocities such as Propane or Hydrogen. Unlike the split head, the fuel is introduced after the diffuser plate enabling the flame to establish good retention whilst maintaining excellent mixing.

Limpsfield will design and engineer the correct solution to suit your application.

An example of Limpsfield’s in-depth engineering capabilities;

This spider head assembly was for an application where Hydrogen was produced on-site as a bi-product of a chemical reaction. The heads construction is such that the fuels are supplied from two individual gas trains to separate gas controlvalves, one on either side of the burner. The diffuser view shows two different sizes of main injector, these are used in order to accommodate the differences in the flame velocity of hydrogen and propane.


Limpsfield burners have been designed to ensure minimal emissions are released into the atmosphere. This means less harmful emissions are created, but also means greater eciency of the burner due to good combustion which in turn creates great fuel savings. Typically Limpsfield burners operate at <3% O2 and <10ppm of CO. These figures continue throughout the firing range, from low fire to high fire.

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